Therapeutic Massage

Massage as an Ingredient for Healing

By Melanie Giroux, RMT, Coldstream, B.C Canada

 The popularity of Massage Therapy has increased dramatically. Once thought of as the ultimate pampering luxury now, massage is sought more and more for healing and rehabilitation, with much success in the treatment of Headaches, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Whiplash, Constipation, Sprains and Strains, and many other ailments.

The mind-body connection is very powerful.   It is regularly firing during our day-to-day activities, through emotional struggles, physical stresses, postures and even inadequate sleep habits. When the body is emotionally taxed, it affects our ability to handle minor issues. The primal nervous system fires during periods of stress, and is known as the “fight or flight response” or Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) response cited by Robbins, Powers, and Burges (1994, pp.191-192).   When SNS is fired, the body can experience a multitude of symptoms ranging from a heightened heart rate, anxiety, sluggish bowel, shoulder and neck tension, sleep disturbances and tiredness.   These symptoms all play a crucial role in how we go about our activities of daily life.

A Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) of British Columbia can “get on your nerves”, by addressing your nervous system and facilitating your body to activate the “Rest and Digest” or Para Sympathetic Response (PNS). An RMT can work your muscles and nervous system, by working with the surrounding joints, thereby allowing more ease for more fluid communication between the Nervous System and Muscles.   Imagine a nerve highway and the traffic has stopped because a muscle has squeezed all the lanes together. Your RMT gets the traffic moving together like a friendly traffic coordinator. Better flow decreases any swelling, build up of adhesions, inflammation, and the nerves are happier to move freely. This results in oxygen & nutrients to reach those muscles, which have been too tight to receive this nutrition. Your nervous system regains the ability to find it’s proper rhythm embracing that wonderful and welcome PNS. Now that the stresses are down the body is a harmonious environment to start to rebuild, relax and regain the ingredients to make Healing a priority.

Pairing your session with the RMT’s recommended stretching, strengthening, mindfulness or breathing techniques, and perhaps a dash of Hydrotherapy will be your favourite prescription for long-lasting health and healing.