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I am a Canadian Certified Counsellor (Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association), with 14 years of professional counselling experience. I have a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology, an undergraduate degree in Psychology, and extensive post-graduate training in trauma therapy and the impact of abuse. My approach to counselling is guided by the unique needs of each client: I believe that each individual is the expert of his or her own experience. Accordingly, I strive to work collaboratively with individuals, assisting them in identifying and working towards their own goals for counselling. I respect the values, strengths, and resources of each individual. I believe each one of us has the capacity for resiliency, self-determination, and self-growth.

Many individuals who have experienced trauma do not have a healthy balance of emotional coping skills. Therefore, the first stage of therapy often involves teaching individuals ways to recognize, observe, modulate, and cope with strong emotions such as grief, anxiety, fear, and guilt. This is called creating emotional regulation. The focus is on reducing traumatic stress: individuals learn to bring the emotional pain down to a manageable level.

While working to create emotion regulation, we can also begin working through traumatic experiences and mourning the losses. The best learning and the best work in therapy are achieved when individuals do not exceed their ability to handle those strong emotions.

Stacey Boe, M.A., R.C.C.

I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor trained in EMDR. When working with grief, I have found Narrative Therapy to be a powerful approach. Contrary to conventional ways of attending to loss and ‘letting go’, Narrative Therapy offers a way to celebrate and honour the legacy of the deceased, and the values and meanings that they gave to life. Individuals continue to love and be influenced by the deceased. The relationship is not over and love is certainly not erased by death. In fact, it is through the stories of this ongoing relationship and connection, that resources may be located and brought forward while one continues on their journey through life. 

OUR MISSION: To support all mothers within our community that are struggling with any and all postpartum issues in an inclusive, culturally safe and respectful way. All mothers experiencing Postpartum Depression/Anxiety and any other postpartum issues will be welcome. 

Post Partum Support Services Thursdays 10am-12pm at The Vernon Boys and Girls Club From September 27-December 20

Postpartum Support Services Vernon would like to invite you to take the first step in your healing journey and join us for our Postpartum Peer Support Group. All Mamas in their postpartum year experiencing any and all postpartum issues are welcome. Babies and siblings are welcome too. Join us. You are not alone. 

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